A home that is well presented will always attract more interest. There are some simple steps you can take that will help to present your home in the best way possible. De-clutter! One of the easiest ways to ensure your home looks appealing is to remove any excess furniture, knick knacks, photos, books, etc. If you can; try to make your home look as streamlined as possible – remember the popular look these days is ‘minimalist’ or ‘less is more’. Arrange furniture so the rooms look as spacious as possible Clean!

Give your home a good once over – dust, vacuum, mop the floors, clean the windows inside and out. Clear appliances and utensils off the kitchen bench, make sure dishes are done and put away, remove magnets and anything else from the fridge. In the bathroom clear the counter tops, polish taps and mirrors, clear away personal items and cleaning products, remove all towels, close the toilet lid. In the bedrooms make the beds with fresh clean linen, declutter bedside tables.

Open all blinds and curtains to make your home as light and bright as possible. Outside move vehicles out of view from the front of the house, mow the lawns, weed the garden, trim hedges and bushes, sweep paths, store rubbish bins out of sight, neatly arrange outdoor furniture. Place some fresh flowers in the kitchen or living areas, spray some perfume or air freshener around.